Frequently Asked Questions

Q I want to read my poetry, how do I get on stage?
A Simply show up on Tuesday. We are at the World War II Club (“the Deuce”), right near Paradise Copies and the newspaper building. Just off of Northampton’s main drag! We post an open mic sign-up sheet at 7 p.m. Be aware that sometimes the list fills up fast. The open mic reading starts at 8 p.m. A short break follows. Then we welcome our feature performer to the stage. Note: if you are coming in from a distance away, and would like to ensure a reading slot on the open mic, you may message us via Facebook or email us, and we are happy to sign you up in advance.

Q What kind of people go to Nohopo? What do they usually read?
A Our best readings are diverse. First timers and veterans. Young writers and older writers. If you categorize your work as performance-oriented, slam, academic, political, and/or undefinable by modern terms and conventions, your voice is welcome.

Q Are all ages welcome?
A Yep!  Obviously, 21+ to drink

Q What about your renowned cash slam?
A Once a month, in lieu of a performer, we hold a cash slam. Read up on our slams right here, or come check one out. Slams are semi-serious competitive events which encourage writers and performers to bring their best work. Some of our best nights are slams. We choose random poetry judges from the audience, who “judge” what they see from zero to ten.

Q Where does my  cover go?
A To partially cover the losses incurred in running community poetry reading. We pay our features. We are fortunate enough to be booking some of the best voices in Spoken Word today. These poets sometimes tour great distances to get here. We also send a team to compete at the National Poetry Slam every year.  Sending poets cross country takes a little bit of scratch.  Even poets can’t just eat feelings.

Q Why are you guys so strict about cell phones? I’m just tweeting my mom.
A I don’t know if we’re strict, but maybe think about treating the evening like the theater. If you need to use your cell phone, we encourage you to step into the hall. We want our audience to give our readers and features the benefit of the doubt they that have worked hard on their words, and therefore we try to promote an attentive listening audience.

Q Is there food there?  More importantly, alcohol?
A Sodas, coffee, water, alcohol, are available. Unfortunately the WWII Club’s kitchen has been closed because of a flood last winter.  But a lot of  restaurants deliver to the Deuce, and we will be glad to point you in the direction of tasty food when you are here.

Any other questions? Drop us a note here!